ASM is committed to continuing to provide support for our clients throughout this period of social restrictions, and all our staff are continuing to work their usual hours. However, in line with government advice, all our support is being provided remotely – via Zoom, Skype or phone – rather than in-person. We are also continuing to induct new clients from our waiting list, and if you are on the waiting list already one of our staff will be in touch with you in due course to take this forward. If you would like your name to be added to our waiting list, please complete the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Specialist Mentoring and Employment Support

for adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions and other neurodiverse conditions

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Our History

AS Mentoring was launched in 2013 by a small team who had spent several years working together as core staff of Prospects, the National Autistic Society’s specialist employment service. Over the years our team has continued to grow allowing us to meet the increasing demand for AS Mentoring's specialist mentoring and employment support. 

Our collective experience has given us a detailed understanding of the needs of job-seekers and employees with Autism Spectrum Conditions, of the parallel needs of employers, and a deeply-rooted commitment to a programme of workplace inclusion which aligns and addresses the two.

Our Mission

is to support our clients to achieve their potential as individuals and to facilitate their social inclusion through employment.

Our Vision

is of a world where it will be completely routine and ordinary to employ people with autism.

What our clients say

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I just wanted to put my thoughts on paper, even though being a neurodiverse lone parent of two diverse young adults, means between life and my over active chaotic inflexible brain, it is a real challenge for me. Far harder than hyper-focusing on my specialist areas of interest. However, driven by the hope that reading this may give other diverse individuals hope and strength to keep bouncing back from the challenges they have daily living as neurodiverse in a neurotypical world, this will hopefully provide concrete evidence that will enable them to realise trust and believe there are organisations and individuals who don’t claim to understand you better than you get yourself. Instead, AS Mentoring has listened, enabled us, offered consistent honest support and advice as well as providing tools and given clear feedback, structure and boundaries.

My son has now had two AS Mentors, Charlotte and Alan. Both have been excellent in different ways but equally amazing. Without their input we wouldn’t have achieved what we all have as individuals and as a family. My son who has after several years of trying, under mountable challenges, has managed to go to university away from home. This was his dream. With Charlotte and Alan’s support he has just successfully completed his first year, and not without hitches and enormous challenges along the way. I believe we may not have got there, despite our best efforts, without AS Mentoring’s continual input throughout the journey.

Charlotte and Alan understand the challenges within our house and without the continued level of support we receive from them we will not be able to sustain our son at uni as well as in his apprenticeship and my self working. Of course it’s not without challenges and being high functioning definitely doesn’t make us less disabled or only ''mildly'' autistic/ADHD. I truly believe it is AS Mentoring that has made it all possible. 

They are non judgmental and do not drop you like other services. They even helped us challenge the continuation of need for further input from our local authority. They keep us buoyant as a family and will enable my son to complete university and us all to have the best opportunity to achieve our goals. The support received has empowered us, allowing us to feel valuable and not” special “ BUT truly extraordinary. I believe being neurodiverse can mean being truly extraordinary if supported properly and given strategies to manage oneself and navigate the confusing neurotypical world we are expected to live, work and cope with daily.

After years of using other services unsuccessfully we’d kind of given up hope. We only tried AS  Mentoring in the absence of anything else but thank goodness we did! A massive thank you to an awesome organisation.


Anna taught me how to tell clients about my Asperger’s and how to ask for adjustments. She used her vast professional experience to describe how firms are run, how to unearth hidden workplace rules and how to apply such rules wisely. Anna’s unwavering encouragement has helped me to become more confident being who I am.


A couple of years ago, I was facing challenges both in my personal and work life. This, left me feeling lost and trapped which impacted my ability to function on a day–to–day basis. I felt there was limited awareness by management around how the challenges were impacting me. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, two professionals in the Autism field recommended that I reached out to David as he has a reputation for resolving workplace matters in a very positive manner. I cannot agree more with the recommendation.

Sharon Aprile (Mother of client)

Your support has helped him [Seb] move forward towards a better quality of life, for his future , helping him to gain more control of his life and his condition.


There is no doubt that without David's support over the last year and his on-going support, I would not have been able to maintain myself in work.


Before I started working with Laura I was continuously seeking answers to my problems, including depression and anxiety. I especially wanted to understand why I found socialising so difficult. I wanted to fix myself: to become a less flawed version of myself. The thought that I was in some way defective kept returning. Having worked with Laura for a year I have come a long way in accepting my autistic self, which has been the key to knowing myself as a whole person. I am now enjoying a stage of self discovery. There were no flaws within me that required a solution: I needed someone to help me find myself.


Anyone receiving an AS diagnosis and does not know what to do next should definitely contact ASM.


The Consultants are very knowledgeable and helpful. I am currently studying for a postgraduate qualification and I am finding the support very useful in enabling me to cope with the course. Without this support I would probably not be able to do this as my consultant makes sure I stay motivated and keep on track.