Advice and consultancy

We set out to build relationships with employers based on authenticity and trust. Our overall goal is to increase workplace neurodiversity and inclusion.

We work with employers across all sectors. We provide advice, training, consultancy and practical assistance with all aspects of workplace neurodivergence, from recruitment and onboarding through to management support and ongoing workplace support.

Our consultancy services

What we offer

  • Recruiting neurodivergent candidates
  • Neurodiversity awareness training
  • Neurodiversity webinars, and “Lunch and Learn“ talks
  • Ongoing Workplace Support for an employee
  • Mediation and communication support
  • Outplacement support
  • Workplace Assessment reports

How do we work?

The team all work remotely, so most sessions with an employment consultant will be online via video conferencing or phone. We may be able to travel for face to face meetings on occasion, however this is depends on the business, and client needs.

What you can expect

Our specialist insight and knowledge will enable you to expand your existing diversity programme by assisting you to attract, recruit and retain neurodivergent employees. 

We can also support you with any issues relating to your existing neurodivergent staff:  we engage with all relevant parties, management, HR, and the employee(s) themselves in order to find pragmatic and sustainable solutions.

Services we offer

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