Yes, we do have to charge for the services we deliver, although we do have funding options available for some of our services depending on eligibility. Please contact us for more information. If you’re still unsure our enquiries team are happy to discuss this with you on initial consultation. 

Unfortunately our services cannot be funded using Student  Finance England’s Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)  

No, unfortunately we can only work with  adults, so clients need to be aged 18 and over. Please check out our resources and useful links page for under 18s. We do, however, offer some workshops and advice and guidance for parents/carers in supporting their young people. 

Yes we do.  We are very happy to work with employers directly. 

Yes, we accept self referrals, referrals from employers and third parties (with the consent and on behalf of someone they think could benefit from our support)

We do not have a ‘bank’ of job opportunities that we can offer to enquirers and/or clients, though we work closely with several large employers who invite us to offer specific opportunities to neurodivergent jobseekers in our network .

Yes.  We don’t require evidence of a formal diagnosis to be able to work with you.  If you are currently seeking a diagnosis or self identify as autistic or ADHD we can potentially work with you.

Not at all! If you would like to book onto our workshops please see our Group Events page. If you would like any further information or want to discuss your access needs to attend please email workshops@asmentoring.co.uk

Following the Covid-19 lockdowns we are typically delivering our support remotely i.e. via phone calls or video calls; in-person support is rare. If you don’t think you can access remote support please let me know and we will take this into consideration when we discuss whether/how we can offer support.

Yes we do and this type of support can be funded by the Government’s Access to Work Scheme.  Apply for communication support at a job interview if you have a disability or health condition (Access to Work) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).  Our capacity to support at interview is limited but we will do our best to accommodate interview dates.