Workplace assessments

We carry out specialist formal workplace assessments for individual employees who are autistic and/or have ADHD and other neurodivergent (ND) conditions.

These conditions vary a great deal in the way they present in different individuals, significantly more so than other non-ND conditions which are covered by the Equality Act, and as such the assessments and any recommendations for workplace adjustments are best made by a specialist ND consultants and provider.

What is a workplace assessment

What you can expect

  • A consistently supportive and constructive approach
  • A detailed formal report and recommendations
  • Ongoing support after the assessment, if required
  • Specialist training for managers and colleagues, if required

How we work

Workplace assessments are conducted via detailed interviews with the employee concerned and with those managers and colleagues who are involved. We then provide you with a formal report setting out our analysis of the situation, together with our advice and recommendations for management strategies, and workplace adjustments. ASM will also assist, as needed, with the implementation of these recommendations and adjustments.

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