Access to Work Scheme

Access to Work is a government scheme that can fund support if you need help at work.

It is possible to receive funding from Access to Work for some of our services and many of our workplace support clients are funded in this way.

What Access to Work is

Access to Work (AtW) is a government programme aimed at supporting disabled people to begin or remain in work.  It is a discretionary grant scheme that provides funding for personalised support to disabled  people who are:

  • In paid employment (or about to start paid employment)
  • Self employed or moving out of employment into self employment
  • Apprentices
  • Supported interns
  • On Jobcentre Plus agreed work trials
  • Going to a job interview

How do I apply?

You can apply for an Access to Work grant online or via phone. The Department for Work & Pensions have produced a factsheet for customers here: 

In some instances we can support you to complete the application – please contact our enquiry team here to ask about eligibility.

After your application

After applying, you should be contacted by an ATW advisor who will discuss your support needs with you. The adviser will ask you what you do in your job and how your condition affects you in your work in order to decide what support would best help you.  

Guidance for neurodivergent AtW applicants

Through years of experience in supporting clients through the Access to Work application process please read the following guidance points:

  • Request that the Access to Work Adviser communicates with you via email rather than phone.  Or if you are more comfortable with a phone call, request that it be scheduled so that you are prepared to have the conversation with the adviser
  • Because neurodivergent conditions are complex and  impact people very differently we would always advise that you prepare some notes about your support needs at work ahead of a call with the AtW Adviser. AS Mentoring can also potentially support with this
  • Your employer will be asked to agree to support being put in place. Iif you haven’t informed your employer of your condition, you will need to do so or discuss this with the AtW adviser when they contact you.  The adviser does not contact your employer before they have been in contact with you

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