Workplace Support

Workplace support is ongoing 1:1 support and guidance for you, your colleagues and managers in the workplace. You and your employer will develop skills and strategies to enable you to collaborate and work effectively.

You will have a designated consultant who will meet with you and your employers to raise their awareness of your neurodivergence, identify any adjustments and empower you to feel confident and valued at work.

What workplace support is

Areas we could help you with

  • Understanding reasonable adjustments
  • Understanding the expectations of your role
  • Organising, prioritisation and time management skills
  • Meeting skills and strategies
  • Communication skills

What Workplace Support looks like?

Flexible – as the areas above suggest there are a variety of ways we can help and is often a short to medium term measure. The frequency that you work with us can often be decreased  as managers and colleagues become familiar with adjustments and you become more confident and familiar with your role.

How do we work?

The team all work remotely, so most sessions with your employment consultant will be online via video consultancy or calls. We may be able to travel for face to face meetings on occasion, however this can be discussed with a member of our enquiry team during your initial enquiry, or with your employment consultant once you start working together.

Access to Work

Workplace Support is often funded by an Access to Work grant.

Services we offer

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