Workplace Support

Your designated Employment Consultant will provide you with ongoing support and guidance in the workplace so that you can develop skills and strategies to enable you to work as effectively as possible. The typical areas we cover include:

  •  Understanding the expectations of your role
  • Communication skills: communicating with staff, managing different methods of communication, assertiveness, and social communication
  • Self-confidence
  • Building and maintaining professional relationships
  • Managing and reducing stress and anxiety 
  • Organisation, prioritisation & time management skills
  • Meetings skills  and strategies
  • Forming an understanding of Reasonable Adjustments and making the workplace more accessible 
  • Advocacy
  • Mediating between you and your employer

Workplace support is very flexible, and is often a short to medium-term measure. The frequency of support can often be decreased as your managers and colleagues become familiar with any adjustments which have been agreed for you, and as you become more familiar with and confident in your role.

Workplace Support is often funded by an Access to Work grant. Click here to find out more.

To find out more about how AS Mentoring can support you or a colleague in the workplace, please use the link below to contact us.

"David started providing me with in work support a year ago, at a very difficult time in my life when I was experiencing workplace bullying and disability discrimination due to disclosing I had Asperger's Syndrome. The stressful situation I found myself in was having a hugely detrimental effect on my physical and mental health and there was a real possibility I could lose my job as a result.

David is an exceptionally talented advocate and he has continued to work closely with management to educate and inform and agree certain reasonable adjustments which has previously been refused due to lack of understanding of my disability. The implementation of these reasonable adjustments has made a positive difference to my ability to function effectively at work.

There is no doubt that without David's support over the last year and his on-going support, I would not have been able to maintain myself in work. I am now thriving in my job and receiving positive feedback from my line manager on a consistent basis."