When you recruit someone, you employ them on the basis that you expect them to do a good job. We at ASM expect this too. As well as supporting individuals into work through our Pre-employment Support, we work with businesses who are looking to recruit from a more diverse pool of applicants. We will put forward candidates who are closely matched to the job description, and if we aren’t currently working with anyone who fits the bill well we won’t put any names forward.

We are interested in forming long-term relationships with employers, and these are built on trust. Employers have learned that our clients are consistently good employees, and that any agreed adjustments are not only ‘reasonable’ under the terms of the Equality Act, they are also more often than not just good management practice. We’ve frequently seen examples where something we’ve implemented for one of our clients – for example, a detailed written breakdown of what a job description entails in practice, as part of the induction process – is then implemented for other people in similar roles, whether or not they’ve got AS.

For the recruitment, induction and retention of candidates with AS, we’ll guide you through any autism-specific issues, and provide induction and awareness training for managers and colleagues. We’ll expect you to make the reasonable adjustments which your employee needs to interview and work well in their job; but once you’ve established that level playing field - and the employee is being treated consistently fairly - then as far as we’re concerned you’ve dealt with all the Equality Act requirements. Any items which remain will be straightforward management issues, and you’ll deal with those just as you would with any other employee.

If you would like to find out more about how AS Mentoring could work with your business, please use the link below to contact us.