We have seen time and again how effective an ongoing programme of placing our clients can be for engaging and developing the line managers concerned. Managers usually need to adapt their management style, particularly around communication (where clarity, concision and directness will be the watchwords); in return they see an individual, whose initial confidence is often low, grow and develop under their supervision, and this becomes an ongoing source of reward and satisfaction.

AS Mentoring's staff can provide

  • AS Awareness Training for Managers & Colleagues
  • On-going advice and support through Workplace Support

One of the major investment banks that ASM has worked with for years incorporated this into their system of annual appraisals, where managers who had supervised a team member with AS would be accorded a higher rating as a consequence – not because it was difficult, but because it was different, and they would have necessarily adapted and expanded their communication and management styles.

Our input at this stage of the relationship is minimal, generally only for initial introductions and end-of-placement review meetings, because the company has absorbed AS and autism into their culture. It has indeed become 'completely routine and ordinary for them to employ people with autism.'

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